Cattle Facilities

Hydraulic cow crush
Our mobile cow crush is easily transported to farm.

Hydraulic bull crush
The bull crush is transported on a trailer and requires forks to lift off and move into position.

Bull fertility testing equipment
Portable electronic ejaculator used to assess bull fertility on farm.

Ultrasound scanners
We have 4 BCF Easi-scan ultrasound scanners ideal for pregnancy diagnosis.

In house lab
Back at the Thornhill practice in the lab we have a microscope for checking skin scrapes, hair and semen samples and a Vet Test machine for running blood samples on sick or down cows.

Cattle Services

Fertility work
Our vets perform a large amount of both dairy and beef fertility work within the practice. This can include pregnancy diagnosis from 28days, synchronisation programmes for cows and heifers and identification and treatment of cystic and non cycling animals. We are able to carry out these exams weekly, fortnightly or as a single visit to tailor to your specific farm needs.

Foot trimming
Using our portable hydraulic cow and bull crushes we are able to treat all causes of lameness safely and with ease. Mobility scoring can also be carried out to assess the level of lameness within the herd.

Bull fertility assessments
Our portable electronic ejaculator allows us to take semen samples from bulls on farm and then examine them under the microscope. This can be beneficial if there are concerns over a bull’s fertility, or used prior to turn out as part of a bulls pre breeding soundness examination.

Routine and emergency work
Dehorning, castrating, herd health planning, metabolic profiling, calving/caesareans and displaced stomach surgery are all regularly carried out by the practice.

O.V work
All O.V work is undertaken by the practice including exports, TB testing, Anthrax and Brucellosis investigations.

Ear tag ordering
Replacement or new runs of tags can be ordered through the practice and delivered either straight to the client or to the practice for collection. The main companies we order from are Shearwell and Quicktag.

Cattle Diseases

To find out more about diseases in cattle please click here to download PDF document.