Sheep Facilities

OPA Scanner
We have a brand new Mindray ultrasound scanner that’s perfect for scanning sheep chests to pick up signs of OPA (Jaagsiekte).

Tup fertility equipment
Portable electronic ejaculator used to examine tup fertility on farm or at the practice.

This new piece of equipment allows us to carry out in house faecal worm egg counts and deliver results quickly.

Lambing shed
We are fortunate to have small area at the back of the practice which allows us to assess farm animals and perform surgery at the practice.

In house lab
Back at the Thornhill practice in the lab we have a microscope for checking skin scrapes, wool and semen samples.

Sheep Services

In house faecal worm egg counts can now be carried out. If you have samples you would like analysed you need to hand in fresh individual samples ideally from 20 sheep within the group, we can provide bags and scoops! We will then pool these in house to give an accurate reflection of the worm burden within the group. A quick turn around means results are generally with you 2 hours after we have received the samples.

Tup fertility assessment
We recommend pre breeding examinations of tups. This will include a physical examination and if required semen sample evaluation using our portable electro ejaculator. This can be done on farm or at the practice where samples will be inspected under the microscope.

OPA Scanning
We have recently purchased a new ultrasound scanner for scanning sheep’s chests to detect OPA (Jaagsiekte). This may help with earlier detection of the disease which is now widespread within the sheep population.

Tup vasectomies
We can perform tup vasectomises on farm or at the practice. Teaser tups are a good way of compacting your lambing period.

Routine and emergency work
Metabolic profiling pre lambing, trace element blood testing, flock health planning, lambing/caesareans and examinations of sick animals are some of the things carried out on a daily basis by the vets.

O.V Work
We have appropriately trained vets to carry out the export of sheep.

Ear tag ordering
Replacement or new runs of tags can be ordered through the practice and delivered either straight to the client or to the practice for collection. The main companies we order from are Shearwell, Cox and Ritchey.

Sheep Diseases

To find out more about diseases in sheep please click here to download PDF document.