Insurance Information

With so much choice around, we understand that choosing the right pet insurance can be daunting. Here are some key points to help you when deciding what insurance to get:

Accident only policies – this is the most basic form of insurance you can purchase for your animal. This type of cover will help toward accident only and short term treatment. Accident only policies are often one of the cheapest policies.

Time limit polices – your pet will be covered for a particular condition for a set period of time (i.e. 12 months). Any treatment for the same condition thereafter will not be covered even if the policy is renewed. Due to the limitations on this policy they are often cheaper than other insurance policies.

Maximum benefit policies – No limit on how long you can claim for, however, there is a maximum amount that can be claimed per condition. Once the maximum amount has been reached, no further pay-outs will be made. Maximum limits can vary with each company and policy.

Lifetime cover/cover for life policies – with this policy an animal is covered throughout its life as long as the policy remains active. It is the most comprehensive type of cover available for your pet. This type of cover will cover your pet for long term illnesses such as diabetes or arthritis. The policy tends to be the most expensive but provides the most peace of mind.

Policies can differ from company to company so please read into everything that is offered and included.

Some policies can have exclusions for example, pre-existing conditions, dental procedures, alternative therapies (e.g. hydrotherapy or acupuncture) and prescription diets to name but a few so please have this in mind when choosing the right policy for your pet.

Every policy will come with an excess amount that you will need to pay towards a claim. This will vary with each provider and policy.

Co-Insurance – some policies come with co-insurance which means that in the event of a claim the policy owner will pay the excess plus a percentage of the remaining vet fees. This can help keep monthly payments lower.

Some insurance companies will not pay out for illnesses which can be prevented by vaccination. At Nithsdale vets, our staff firmly believe that prevention is better than cure. Signing your pet up to our healthy pet plan will provide year-round preventative health care and goes along side insurance which offers complete peace of mind with any unexpected bills.

Click here for more information on our Pet Health Plan.