Pet Health Plan

We are pleased to announce the launch of the first Healthy Pet Club in Dumfries. This scheme will help pet owners budget for all the preventative health care needs for their pets. It will allow owners to take care of their pets in the best possible way but also save money at the same time.

At Nithsdale Vets, all our staff understand the importance of preventative treatment and how it is essential to maintain good health. However, we are also aware that it is sometimes difficult to budget for these costs. By joining our Pet Health Plan, the annual cost is spread out over the year and paid monthly by direct debit, with a generous discount given on all the products that will be included. Your Pet Health Plan will include:

  • Annual vaccination including a full vet health check
  • Yearly health checks with one of our qualified nurses
  • One additional vet consultation per year
  • Year round prescription strength flea, tick and worm treatment
  • Nail clipping/expressing anal glands (up to 3 per year)
  • In house urine analysis (1 per year)

In addition we offer discounts off the cost of other preventative healthcare services, including:

  • First consultation for every new condition
  • Neutering
  • Additional vaccinations e.g. kennel cough
  • Dental procedures
  • Additional parasite treatments e.g. ticks or mites.

REMEMBER– The pet health plan is not the same as pet insurance but will complement health insurance giving your pet the best care possible.